Endurance—Because Sometimes It’s Good to Litter

Yesterday’s waste is tomorrow’s yield with Endurance, BBI’s rugged line of litter, shavings, and organics spreaders.  

Turning animal waste into today’s fertilizer savings is a job for Endurance, the spreader that never gets tired of littering. 

Endurance is available in truck-mount or pull-type models, with mechanical, hydraulic, and plug-to-tractor options on-hand as well.  At Spreader Specialties, we customize this option-rich line to the types of materials you need to spread in the field, including poultry litter, compost, lime, shavings, wood chips, manure, sand, mulch, and more. Other options include multiple flotation tire applications for minimizing soil compaction, including TerraGator compatibility.

As with MagnaSpread, BBI’s line of hydraulic spreaders for granular fertilizer and lime applications, Endurance hydraulic models come standard-equipped with BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold, which makes connection to all leading precision agriculture technology systems a simple snap!

Make no mistake—while Endurance is built for precision, it’s also built to meet the toughest terrain challenges around the world. Endurance features BBI’s walking-beam suspension, at lengths ranging from 10 to 28 feet, and Spreader Specialties can customize your Endurance to meet the needs of your fields every time.



Endurance Pull Type Hydraulic Spreader

The BBI Pull Type Hydraulic Litter Spreaders, Comes standard with Tee Jets Model CL 250 Guidence and Rate Control, Shavings Spreaders, Compost Spreaders,Organics Spreader and Lime Spreaders are available in different hopper styles from 10 to 28 ft long. With the BBI Walking Beam Suspension, your Endurance spreader can handle just about any Terrain. The Litter Spreader, Shavings Spreader and Compost Spreaders is an Endurance Spreader that is Option Rich and can be customized for your specific application. BBI is ready to apply Advanced Technology for the most sophisticated farmer.



Endurance Pull Type Mechanical Spreader

Endurance Pull Type Mechanical Litter Spreaders, Shavings Spreaders, Compost Spreaders and Organics Spreader - Can Handle just about any Terrain. They are Option Rich and Litter Spreaders, Compost Spreaders and Shavings Spreaders can be customized for your specific application.



Endurance Truck Mount Hydraulic Spreader

The Endurance Truck Mount Hydraulic Spreader is perfect for Litter, Lime, Shavings, Compost, Manure and Organics Applications. This spreader is a Spinner Spreader so it will work great if you are looking for a Litter Spreader, Lime Spreader, Shavings Spreader, Compost Spreader, Manure Spreader or Organic Spreader. The BBI Binary manifold is STANDARD on all BBI Hydraulic Power Spreaders so making use of Precision Agriculture electronics EASY!