Liberty—MagnaSpread's Tough Little Brother

Sometimes you need a medium-capacity spreader that won't fall down on the job on rougher terrain or in tougher climate conditions. BBI's Liberty, a 10 foot, mechanical pull-type spreader for granular fertilizer and lime applications, answers the bell every time.

BBI designed Liberty to be the toughest, most durable medium-capacity spreader on the market. Liberty features ground-wheel-drive conveyors, along with options for PTO or hydraulic-driven spinners. 

BBI's attention to all of the little things give this medium-capacity spreader its rugged, yet sophisticated build. Libery features UHMW parts as well as stainless steel, minimizing corrosion to extend the spreader's life. We can customize Liberty for heavy-duty, high-capacity work or with low-profile options to deal with orchards, vineyards, and tighter rows.

Stop by the Spreader Specialties lot in Austin, Minnesota today to see this tough customer in the ring!

Liberty Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

The Liberty Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader is 10 ft long, has a tandem axle and provides Medium Capacity for a variety of Applications. The Liberty Mechanical Drive Fertilizer Spreader features a Ground Wheel Drive Conveyor and PTO or Hydraulic Driven Spinners for an 80' spread pattern.