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RockBody--Trained in the School of Hard Rocks

There's nothing delicate about RockBody, except for the precision applications of rock, gravel, sand, salt and aggregate materials. Ideal as a workhorse spreader for road topping, RockBody is built for the hard materials the job requires. 

BBI designed RockBody with three basic demands in mind--it had to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and able to spread hard and abrasive materials with precisiona and efficiency. In-cab conrols for conveyor and spinner speed make RockBody a cinch to operate, whether you're developing land or for municipal road maintenance. 

RockBody's conveyor system utilizes a flat-belt roller and UHMW supports, reducing damage from rock and sand material to extend the spreader's life.  The flow divider even features BBI's "rock escape" feature, preventing rock jams on the job.

RockBody is the industry leader in precision application of rock, gravel, sand, and aggregate for your infrastructure needs, ideal for commercial developers, physical plant managers, and municipal operations. 

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BBI RockBody - Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate Spreader- Easy to Operate -Distribution of Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate - Optional In-Cab controls for conveyor and spinner speed - Ideal for precision application for road topping -